Procreate Training: P'zazz to Honduras!

Jul 08, 2022

When dreams become a reality....


Last time I visited the Good Shepard Children's Home in Honduras, I saw so much talent in these kiddos. I wanted to help them, teach them, and love them. I began to brainstorm. I thought to myself, "Hey, maybe we could gift iPads to them and teach them how to design on Procreate. Then we could show them how to create an income with their designs."


WOW! How overwhelming to see your dreams unfold. With the help from many of you, I have had the opportunity to travel back to Honduras with iPads ready to teach these kiddos skills on Procreate. In turn, they can use these skills to turn into profit. The kids caught on and we will be able to continue their practice and learning even after we leave! Teaching them skills they can take with them! 


Thank you for your help, support, and most importantly... your prayers! 


If you are interested in our 'Procreate to Profit' course, click here! 

'Procreate to Profit' course is:

  • Fully Online
  • Teaches you tips & tricks using Procreate
  • Easy Access

This online course is perfect for beginners! 



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