Fun art projects with teenage girls!

I want to share with you this super fun project that we recently did in the studio. We gathered teenage girls 7th - 9th grade and hosted what we called “Giggles and Grace”. This was a time that they got to get together, we did some scripture study, had snacks, made fun TikToks, and did some really cool art. If you have some teenagers in your life, or maybe a small group, or maybe you just want to start something, this is a fun, little idea for you.

When the girls first came in, we had snacks waiting for them. Then, we did a fun, little game where we went around the room letting them tell us their dream job or an interesting fact about them. Next, they played a fun game that related to the lesson and then came the art. For this particular project, we got some simple wood cut into banners. We found a local carpenter who was able to cut it into the shape that we liked. We had some holes drilled at the top so that twine could go through it, and then we gave the girls a few colors and let them be creative. We told them that they didn't have time to do any super, elaborate designs, maybe one background color and another color for details and design. We finished it up with an initial or monogram.

As you can see from the pictures, they all started with the same simple set of instructions, but each girl had their own unique twist and added their own little bit of creativity to their banners.

This was a great project for these teenagers, but I really think it's a great project for all ages.

Supplies Needed: (Click items to shop)
1 wood banner
Americana DecoArt paint
paint brush
1 Posca pen

So, gather your supplies and start creating.

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