Our 'Staples'- What art supplies should you have in your closet?!

Hey, hey y'all!


We are here to share with you our FAVORITE art staples to have in your art closet, desk, or room to always be able to create fun art! Do you need tons of fancy supplies to have fun creating with your kids?! ABSOLUTELY NOT! Check out our basic staple art supplies to keep on hand!


When buying art supplies, you don't need to focus on the most expensive and extravagant art supplies out there! Your kiddo is an artist no matter the supplies he or she has at their table!


When shopping for the basics, you want to look at all mediums of art you and your kiddo enjoy! Different mediums of art include: watercolor, acrylic paint, oil paints, chalk and oil pastels, etc. Where should you begin?! No worries, we're about to show you some of our FAVORITES! (Click item to shop)


Let's start off with paper!


It is so fun to look into your closet & see super fun paper options! Any project, any time!


Markers/ Pens:




Other Supplies:


Stock your art table, room, or closet with all your basic 'staple' art items to ensure success and fun with each art project you start! You don't need the fancy supplies to successfully create fun projects at home with your kiddos! 


Now that you have your basic art supplies, all you need is fun art projects! It is okay if you don't know where to begin! We've got you covered! Our Kid's Club online lessons are available anytime & on YOUR own time! We show your kiddos step by step how to complete fun projects based on their age group! Two new projects EACH week! Click here to join the fun!


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Have fun & get creative!