Seashell and Resin , Memory Making Project!

There's something about being on vacation! It just gets my creative juices going. We have extra time, we're all hanging out and I just want to do something creative, so this particular year, we not only made some really cool art, but we made some really cool memories. I want to share with you how I did this super cool, super fun and easy seashell memory making piece.

First, this summer happened to be one of the years that my son was so afraid of the water and waves. He didn't want to put his head under. After a lot of me holding him and talking to him about facing his fear, he finally ducked his head under a wave and popped up and yelled out “I faced my fear!” That was so super fun! That is what I remember most about this particular beach trip.

We had collected some shells on the beach, so that was fun in and of itself, just finding shells that we were going to use for our project, collecting them, seeing which ones we liked best, and then taking them with us to create art. Then, once we got to the beach house, we found some old wood and painted it blue. Next, we took our shells and laid them out just how we wanted them, whether it was a word or a cross. We took them outside and poured resin on top and let them dry overnight. Now, we had to make sure that our board was raised up off the ground and we had some plastic underneath, because the resin will overflow just a little bit. It didn't take a whole lot of resin. We like the art resin from the company ArtResin. We just stirred and mixed it like the directions said. We stirred it for three minutes, poured it on top and waited overnight. The next day we had this awesome piece of art. On the back, we even wrote the date and our memory that this was the year that Cade faced his fear. All of this was a fun time, and we made a beautiful art piece that we could take back home with us and more importantly to remind us of the time that we spent together at the beach looking for shells, making art and facing their fears.

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